Need a shipment delivered? Looking for a long-term logistical partner? You're need reliability in your logistics processes? Look no further, RMS Trans, Inc. is the place to call - Expedited Shipping Included!

We have come far from our humble beginnings, and, when asked, we can only say one thing as to how we've been able to grow and develop as a company.

It's our work ethic and reliability. The fact that our clients and partners can always count on us to make the delivery in time is what has been the cornerstone of everything we've accomplished.

As the oldest service we have offered as a shipping company, contract logistics has been at the forefront of what we've been able to build.

We ensure that your entire logistics process goes smoothly and without issues, regardless of what factors are in play and how complex the situation is. Through both our own fleet of trucks and the different partners who we regularly work with, no task is too hard, no project is too big.

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The main part in this process is the efficiency of your logistics processes and how we can help you get it sorted to a point where it no longer has to catch up with the rest of your business processes.

  • The responsibility of maintaining the key components of the logistics system is no longer hanging over your head. We take care of the entire process of maintaining the system, every step of the way.
  • Direct supply chain of any product, fully maintained by us and designed to your needs
  • Full adaptability to your wants and needs. All of our clients retain direct control of the services they get and how they wish them to be implemented in the logistics process.
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